We understand and share local concern about possible historic contamination of land within the site. We have already undertaken an extensive site investigation of the “Celcon Bowl”, also known as Ightham Sandpit, with trial pits and bore holes. Samples are now being tested in laboratories and monitoring and sampling will be ongoing over the forthcoming period.

Despite some reports of extreme levels of contamination, initial investigations have discovered builders’ rubble, asbestos and small areas of minor contamination, however so far there has been nothing discovered that cannot be treated onsite at a reasonable cost. The nature and precise composition and location of any contamination will be clarified through in-depth laboratory testing and ongoing monitoring.

If necessary, more detailed investigations of any other areas of potential contamination will be undertaken at the appropriate stage in the development project. Review of the soil conditions in each of the parcels of land will continue with more in-depth site investigation works in 2019.

The proposals for Borough Green Gardens present the only opportunity to remove/treat any portions of contaminated land safely, and to provide clean and attractive spaces for public use. Any proposals to treat contaminated soil will be planned with extreme care and agreed in advance with TMBC and the Environment Agency.