The site is located in the Green Belt and partially within the AONB, as well as being largely comprised of a network of former and present quarries. The H+H Celcon factory, as well as the scrub land either side of Wrotham Road are also located within the AONB and Green Belt. Locating a development of this nature (Borough Green Gardens) here would protect higher quality land (land that has not been quarried) and designations elsewhere, whilst also creating more accessible public open space than is found on the site currently.

As such, Borough Green Gardens presents the opportunity to protect high quality Green Belt land elsewhere within TMBC, by delivering a significant proportion of the Borough’s new housing requirement on land that is currently of a poor quality. In addition, it would open up a significant proportion of the land for public use with the provision of a wide range of high quality green spaces and ecology corridors. As previously noted, great care would be taken to protect existing flora and fauna, and Borough Green Gardens would in fact help to improve the biodiversity of the area.