In order to meet the housing targets set by central Government, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council (TMBC) has put forward a draft Local Plan that seeks to meet its expected housing need up to 2031. This relates to the need to provide 696 new homes per annum within the Borough area. This could increase to 850 a year but this would only occur if the Local Plan is submitted to the Government after January 2019 – the current timetable is for the Plan to be submitted in December 2018. The identified housing needs (for the expected population up to 2031) are to be delivered within the two Housing Markets Areas of the Borough. The proposals for Borough Green Gardens sit within the Sevenoaks/Tonbridge/Tunbridge Wells Housing Market Area, identified by TMBC as a location capable of creating sustainable development, in one of the areas of greatest housing need, hence it’s inclusion by TMBC in their draft Local Plan. Within any future planning application, the mix of housing to be delivered will be carefully considered to ensure a mixture of tenures that can create a sustainable community. This will of course include affordable housing to be agreed with TMBC. Infrastructure As with any project of this scale, surrounding infrastructure to accommodate the increase in housing is crucial. As part of the proposals for Borough Green Gardens, expect the development to provide:
  • A Relief Road; removing up to at least 900 vehicle movements per hour at morning peaks and 700 per hour during evening peaks from driving through Borough Green – this is based just on Phase 1a of the Relief Road alone – with further reductions in existing movements when the full Relief Road is completed;
  • 2FE Primary schools;
  • New employment floorspace; creating hundreds of new jobs
  • Community and neighbourhood hubs
  • Doctors surgery
  • Local shops
  • Sports centres and playing fields
As part of a large consultation survey in late 2016/early 2017, the consortium asked the local community and surrounding areas what they would like to see prioritised within any large-scale development. We have incorporated those answers, which included schools, shops, medical facilities and transport infrastructure into the proposals, to ensure that the proposals for Borough Green Gardens can provide the infrastructure and facilities that are required locally.