The increase in housing requirement will require additional sites to be identified for housing development. As the majority of the Borough is located within the Green Belt, TMBC will need to consider the release of sites from the Green Belt in order to positively seek opportunities to meet the development needs of its area. Borough Green Gardens would provide a medium/long term solution to maintaining a supply of housing land throughout the Plan period and initial technical work demonstrates that its release would not significantly compromise the purpose of the Green Belt. It is considered that the release of the land identified for Borough Green Gardens represents a logical extension to the settlement. Notably it benefits from an existing permanent boundary in the form of the M26 to the North, which will prevent the inter-relationship of the existing settlements of Borough Green and Wrotham.

In seeking to assess the suitability of potential sites to help meet this increasing need, it is understood that, and as a starting point in preparing the new Local Plan, TMBC has commissioned a Development Capacity Study (December 2013). The report assesses the development capacity of the Borough considering the following constraints:

  • Archaeology and Heritage
  • Ecology and biodiversity
  • Flood risk
  • Landscape
  • Agricultural land
  • Minerals and waste
  • Transportation

It is understood Green Belt was not considered for the purposes of this report, and it is important to note that the Site lies outside the majority of the constrained areas identified on the map.