A key feature of the Borough Green Gardens proposals is to create a sustainable and landscape driven development, that can build upon and create additional open public space for future residents and the existing community.

Across the site, there are four PRoW and where feasible these will be retained in entirety amongst the “green” and “blue” infrastructure to be provided. This includes new woodland planting as well as additional water features and fishing ponds to ensure that no local flooding takes place.
The proposals for the site are still evolving and where PRoW need to be diverted or replaced, this can be secured as part of the masterplan for the site.

In addition to the protection of the existing PRoW, Borough Green Garden’s sustainable transport Strategy would deliver additional footpaths and cycle-ways, creating connectivity within Borough Green Gardens itself and creating sustainable links with Borough Green and the wider area.

Not only would this enable residents of the new community to connect easily with the local area, but it would similarly enable residents of Borough Green and other existing communities to easily access the shops and services with the new development. A clear focus of the Master planning process will be to promote sustainable links between existing and new communities, ensuring that all residents can benefit from increased choice and accessibility.