Apart from one, all of the consortium of landowners behind the Borough Green Gardens scheme live or work locally or onsite and are very aware of the existence of flora and fauna on their land.

We have already undertaken an initial package of ecological surveys to fully understand where sightings of protected species have taken place and where there are suitable habitats across the site, particularly for rare or protected species like Great Crested Newts. The surveys at the site remain ongoing and further specific and detailed studies are being progressed that look precisely into ecology and any mitigations necessary to protect those species, if necessary, siting infrastructure such as the Relief Road in order to avoid particularly important habitats.

A key opportunity for development here is the creation of high quality green space and ecology corridors that can strengthen existing habitats (for example with new woodland planting) and provide new spaces which are either not currently present or would be lost once quarrying operations cease (e.g. recreating south-facing bare ground to benefit invertebrates). Overall, the proposals for Borough Green Gardens would result in a net gain in biodiversity across the site and provide positive opportunities for ecology.